What I do

With me, you don't just get a designer. You get a proof-reader, an incomparable attention to detail, a fountain of often useless knowledge, a minister of culture and an excellent tea maker.

I do photoshoots

With little to no budget, I have been able to create beautiful imagery for many brands for social media assets and website imagery. I have set up ad-hoc photo studios, styled, created and executed shoots up to an excellent standard that the client would not know it was makeshift and not professional.

i do ux & UI

I enjoy creating an enticing customer experience through my design work. I like to talk to users to understand their requirements, not just create personas with no data. I love really engaging people with imagery and typography.

i do branding

I love getting stuck in to understanding what makes a brand different and showing this through the branding and imagery used to market this brand.

i do culture

In every company I've worked with and for, I have the innate ability to bring people together. I am able to create a dynamic between teams where communication is clear and effective and people enjoy collaborating. I believe that teams who hang out together work better together so I always encourage team activities, nights out, lunches and workshops.